Monster Hunter World Iceborne Update 11.01 adds Rajang, Guiding Lands region

Capcom has released a meaty new title update for its power selling action RPG, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. The publisher recently revealed its post launch roadmap at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, teasing bonus content that is set to roll out in the coming months.

Update 11.01 is available to download right now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, bringing some significant changes to Iceborne. You can catch all the big news by watching the official developer diary above.

First up we have a new monster for players to track, battle, and turn into new gear. The Rajang is a returning ogre-like creature that first appeared in Monster Hunter 2. Using its muscular arms and horns to attack, the Rajang will also spew electric beams from its mouth.

To hunt the Rajang you’ll first need to complete Iceborne’s main quests, unlocking the Guiding Lands. When you log in you’ll be able to accept a special assignment. There are two sets of Rajang armour that can be crafted, including a new equipment set for your Palico companion.

Update 11 also comes tagged with some other key features. The endgame “Guiding Lands” area now has a new volcanic region, Capcom having reworked this part of Iceborne to make it more accessible. For more details, there’s an extensive post outlining these new adjustments.

Aside from new weapons, gear, and augmentations, you can customise your room with added decor options. The update also give players the choice to invite others to their personal pad.

Another feature fans will pick up on is the addition of new layered armour options. You can now unlock and wear sets over the top of your current armour – this is basically a “transmog” feature, letting you adjust the appearance of your hunter independently of the gear they have equipped.

In order to install this latest patch you’ll need an extra 1.3GB of hard drive space. You won’t be able to access add-ons or online multiplayer unless the update has been installed.

Source: Capcom

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