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There is going to be a Rocket League and Stranger Things crossover event

Psyonix has announced that its Halloween event Haunted Hallows will be Stranger Things themed, and players will be competing in matches in The Upside Down, with the arena being the Farmstead. The event itself begins on October 14th and will last for approximately a month ending on November 11th. You can check out how it will look in the brand new trailer below.

When playing online matches players will earn candy corn to unlock event specific items for battle cars, including toppers and banners. They include:

  • Leaf Litter topper (75 Candy Corn)
  • Camp Know Where  topper (75 Candy Corn)
  • Demogorgon player banner (75 Candy Corn)
  • Demogorgon player title (75 Candy Corn)
  • Spider Boogie universal decal (100 Candy Corn)
  • Scoops Ahoy avatar border (100 Candy Corn)
  • Jacktide Octane decal (100 Candy Corn)
  • Candy Monster Dominus decal (100 Candy Corn)
  • Hawaiian Hopper universal decal (100 Candy Corn)
  • Leafstream universal decal (120 Candy Corn)
  • Stranger Things rocket boost (120 Candy Corn)
  • Autumn rocket boost (120 Candy Corn)
  • Timbertyre wheels (150 Candy Corn)
  • Starcourt wheels (150 Candy Corn)

There are also golden pumpkins to get which contain loot from the Accelerator, Velocity, and Triumph crates.

Source: Psyonix

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