Days Gone DLC – here’s how many Freakers players have killed

Days Gone developer Bend Studio has been keeping count of all those Freakers we’ve been killing over the past few months, it seems.

Since launching its first free challenge DLC for the post-apocalyptic PlayStation exclusive, Days Gone fans have racked up a body count that stretches into the hundreds of millions.

Those taking part in the challenge series have reportedly slain a staggering 928 million Freakers 4.6 million of those being bike impact kills. This is Days Gone after all, and if you factor in human enemies, that brings the overall tally closer to a billion. You can check out the full infographic via the gallery image below.

7.8 DLC challenges have been completed by players since the first one launched back in June soon after the game’s release. For those who didn’t know, these are standalone missions that exist outside the main storyline and can be accessed via a separate menu.

There are three main types of challenge including the race-like bike challenges, combat encounters, and horde hunts. Unsurprisingly, the latter challenge type proved most popular with more than 4.2 million completions. Purging Freaker Hordes is an integral part of the Days Gone experience that sees players try to whittle down a grotesque tide of infected enemies using every weapon, trick, and resource at their disposal.

Other interesting stats show that players have unlocked 811k patches, these being achievement-like emblems awarded for challenge specific tasks. Collectively fans have logged 27,000 days of challenge playtime too with the RPD light machine gun being their go-to weapon of choice.

Days Gone Review

It really isn’t the strongest PS4 exclusive we’ve seen in the past couple of years yet Days Gone has a following all the same. Here’s what bugged us about the game in our original review:

Size and pacing are the game’s two biggest issues. With Sony Bend’s last project being an Uncharted adventure condensed perfectly for the PlayStation Vita, they’ve leapt straight into the deep end with this open world. There’s simply not enough here in terms of plot or gameplay growth to warrant Days Gone being stretched over such a huge landmass or timeframe. Although it doesn’t fit Sony’s current AAA template, a smaller, more linear approach could have helped Days Gone deliver in a major way.

Sony Bend has yet to confirm what its next project is or whether we’ll be seeing more from Days Gone in future.

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