Football Manager 2020 now has a confirmed release date

Back in August SEGA and Sports Interactive confirmed that Football Manager 2020 would be released in November, though an exact day wasn’t given. Today that has changed SEGA has now confirmed that the management sim will be releasing on November 19th for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. On PC and Mac there will be both physical and digital releases with pre-orders for both versions subject to a 10% discount. It’s better to pre-order digitally though as you’ll get access to a beta of the game that will run two weeks prior to the release date.


At the moment though there aren’t release date details for the Nintendo Switch version of Football Manager 2020 Touch, nor the Google Stadia release. Recently Sports Interactive confirmed all of the new features that will be in Football Manager 2020. These include the Development Centre where managers will get a proper overview of the young players at the club, who the ones to watch are, and who will need extra attention to reach their potential.

There will also be long term Club Visions. These are different from season objectives as they focus on plans that span multiple seasons. It could be that the long term is to get the team qualified for European competitions in the next few seasons or bid for promotion. These visions will impact the outlook and morale of players and club staff and it’ll be your job as the manager to get all of these people on board or find those who will help. These will be used to judge performance and if you aren’t meeting these goals then you could clash with the Board despite successes elsewhere.

Two new roles in the game are the Technical Director and Head of Player Development. These two will join the other staff in being more active when it comes to how the club is running as well.

Source: Press Release

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