Soulcalibur VI Season 2 will add new moves to all characters in a free update

“Yeah, most of all, I like the way you move,” sang the BodyRockers back 2004 and Bandai Namco seem to agree as they are going to release a free update to Soulcalibur VI which will add new moves to all the characters., You can check them out in the video below which, just in case you are at work, does contain some Improbable Boobs and a young lady being punched in the unmentionables


Seasons 2 will launch with a new season pass that adds new characters but no details have been announced.

We reviewed the game all the way back in October 2018 and gave it 7/10. “SoulCalibur VI is a fantastic looking entry in the series, but beyond that feels like something of a missed opportunity,” noted Dom. “The core combat remains as vibrant, weighty and enjoyable as ever, but the Reversal Edge adds in an element of chance that feels at odds with what most fighting games set out to achieve. The two interminably dull story modes don’t help either, with players left to rely on the the straightforward arcade and online modes for their kicks.”

Source: YouTube

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