The Division 2 Episode 2 and Title Update 6 now live following server downtime

After four hours of server maintenance earlier this morning, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is back online with a fat wedge of new content for Agents to dive into.

Ubisoft is rolling out its second major post launch expansion (Episode 2) as well as Title Update 6, together adding a slew of bonus content as well as reworks, bug fixes, any a myriad of minor changes.


Moving on from the D.C. outskirts of Episode 1, this newest chapter in The Division 2’s ongoing saga takes us to the nation’s five-sided foundation of power: The Pentagon.

Agents will embark on a series of new story missions that have them exploring this American landmark and the dark secret it harbours. Below The Pentagon, you’ll search its research labs and testing facilities to aid in your investigation of a bioreactor.

Episode 2 also brings a new character Specialization into the mix. These are basically The Division 2’s advanced classes which unlock upon reaching the game’s soft level cap.

The Technician is branded as a support type Agent, packing a lethal P-017 Launcher that can fire six enemy seeking missiles. This combat role is also equipped with the Maxim 9 sidearm as well as EMP grenades and the Artificer, an enhanced Hive device that boosts the performance of nearby allies.

There are additions being made elsewhere with Episode 2 including new content for the Dark Zone as well as The Division 2’s competitive PvP mode. Note that all Episode 2 content will be exclusive to those with the Year 1 Pass and will be widely available to everyone in 7 days.

As mentioned before, this new expansion comes hand in hand with Title Update 6. This includes a number of changes such as an improved onboarding/tutorial experience and a significant shift in the game’s crafting, looting, and gear set mechanics work:

Some key highlights include modifications to the game’s brand sets with players now only needing 4 pieces of gear from a set to unlock all brand bonuses.The team will also be increasing the max stash capacity of 300.

Another new feature will help agents find specific pieces of loot, showing where to find them on the map. If you travel to these locations there’s a chance that items from the rotation will appear via regular NPCs or containers with guaranteed drops from bosses.

Visit the official Ubisoft forums for an extensive look at the Title Update 6 patch notes.

Source: Ubisoft

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