Battlefield V and Star Wars Battlefront 2 “backend” server problems are fixed [UPDATE]

UPDATE: Emergency maintenance has been completed and the issues should have been resolved.

Original story below…

It appears that someone has unplugged something important over at DICE as multiple games are suffering problems. Star Wars Battlefront II and Battlefield V are definitely broken and it is possible that other EA games are having trouble as well.

Here are two tweets from DICE staff.

Whatever has gone wrong it seems to have broken quite a few things. “There’s an issue with the Breda PG for me. I can’t change the skin on it, it keeps switching back to “battered” whenever I go into a game or exit one,” was one tweet, “Occasionally unable to switch weapons upon spawn and unable to melee,” was another, while someone else reports “This occurrence caused all my battlefront 2 ranks to appear as 0 and wouldn’t allow me to use my owned star cards or appearances. Hopefully my progress returns once I can connect again.”

Others are reporting server issues and some cannot even login.

There’s nothing up on the official Twitter feeds for Battlefield V and Star Wars Battlefront 2 but EA Dice’s Jaqub Ajmal has tweeted.

A few days ago DICE has confirmed that its big October update for Star Wars Battlefront II has been pushed back to next week. According to the studio, they encountered a last minute technical issue that prevented them from hitting their original milestone.

October is shaping up to be another big month for the Star Wars sequel. Those wanting to play as their favourite icons from the films will be able to purchase heroes and villains for 75% less during the “Heroes Unleashed” event running between October 18th to the 20th.

Another Night on Endor will also see players participate in another bout of Ewok hunting before Battlefront II’s scheduled Halloween event at the end of the month. Sadly, you won’t get to dress up Darth Vader in a dumb costume, though fans can look forward to double XP across all game modes.

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