The PC version of Saints Row 2 to be patched eleven years after release

The PC version of Saints Row 2 was outsourced for conversion, handled by CD Projekt’s localisation team, and is widely recognised as one of the worst ports ever. The frame rate never gets much above 15fps even on a powerful PC, there are VSync issues, it crashes all the time and after Gamespy shut down, the multiplayer portion was unusable.

THQ published the game but during the collapse of the company the source code was thought to have been lost. However, during a stream to celebrate the game’s 11th anniversary the developers, Volition, revealed that the code had been found and they were hard at work creating a new patch.


They are aiming to make the game work on modern PCs, fix the frame rate issues, and replace Gamespy with Steam matchmaking, add in modding, and port over the two DLC packs “Ultor Exposed” and “Corporate Warfare”.

The new patch will be free to all owners of the game on Steam. It’s a lot of work that Volition don’t really need to do but kudos to them for making the effort.

Source: Twitter


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