Next week’s free games from Epic Games Store confirmed

If you’ve got an Epic Games Store account then right now you can download Alan Wake’s American Nightmare and Observer for no cost. These games were confirmed last week and are live on the store now. Not wasting any time with teasing Epic has confirmed next week’s batch of games that will be available for free. The first is QUBE 2 and the second is Layers of Fear Masterpiece Edition. The dates of when these gates will be available until are below

  • Alan Wake’s American Nightmare – 17th to 24th October
  • Observer – 17th to 24th October
  • QUBE 2 – 24th October to 31st October
  • Layers of Fear Masterpiece Edition – 24th October to 31st October

In our QUBE 2 review Adrian wrote:


Thanks to its derivative nature, Q.U.B.E. 2 never quite escapes the shadow cast by Portal. There’s too many similarities within its core mechanics, structure, and themes for it to stand alone entirely. And yet, once the player accepts that, they will find a compelling puzzler. There’s roughly five to six hours of gameplay here and, once Q.U.B.E. 2 is completed, little reason to return to its embrace. Yet whilst it burns it does so brightly, compelling the player to the end with several puzzles that equal Valve’s best.

You can read the QUBE 2 review here.

In our Layers of Fear review Tuffcub wrote:

Layers of Fear sits somewhere between the pejoratively classified ‘walking simulators’ and a full game experience, as for the most part you are simply wandering around and solving the odd puzzle. Despite the clichés and obvious jump scares, I rather enjoyed my time exploring the mansion and I’m looking forward to having another play through to see what I missed the first time round. If you enjoyed the Silent Hills teaser P.T. and want more of the same, then Layers of Fear is well worth a look.

You can read the Layers of Fear review here.

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