What We Played #421 Death Stranding, Granblue Fantasy, Final Fantasy 7 Remake

It’s EGX week and there’s a bunch of us here to play everything we humanly can without getting stuck in a horrible queue. So that’s no Final Fantasy 7 Remake for me then. I’ve made it my task to play every rhythm-action game here, and thus far my top picks are Aaero 2 (which I didn’t even know was in development) and Avicii’s Invector which is great if you’re into the late musician’s output. I also played Streets of Rage 4 and can confirm that it is indeed Streets of Rage. It probably doesn’t need to be anything else.

Jason is sat next to me, and I can tell you that despite being surrounded by hundreds of unreleased games he’s been playing Binding of Isaac almost the whole time we’ve been at EGX. He has played Granblue Fantasy while we’ve been here, and really liked it, even if I beat him two out of three. Maybe we’ll make it best of five later.

Nic B lucked out and benefitted from an early entry to make it to Final Fantasy 7 Remake right at the start of the day “it’s just as good as I had hoped, with smooth combat and the music we all know and love.” Aran’s at home and has just finished off Warsaw for review. “It’s a good game that could do with some clarity and narrative structure. Red Dead Redemption 2 is also been taking a lot of my time. Just riding around exploring and doing the challenges”

Miguel has spent this week continuing to be obsessed with Gundam Battle Operation 2. “One of the most fun team-shooters I’ve played in a while, I’m inching closer every day to unlocking the ability to add custom paint jobs to my mech and I cannot WAIT. Also been playing Sonic & Mario at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 which is a mouthful of a title aaannd a super fun game. Dabbled in Tekken 7 a bit too, learned a new very nasty King combo that I’m very proud of.”

Reuben joins us for the first time this week, and he’s been at EGX too! “In the last week I’ve been inflicting myself with AeternoBlade II, a game that is unenjoyable both to play and to get my spell check to ignore when I type out its name. Luckily, I’ve had a wonderful palette cleanser in Luigi’s Mansion 3 and Cat Quest II, so I’ve been enjoying wreaking havoc around a hotel with a vacuum cleaner and smacking things about as a cat, not necessarily in that order.

Gareth completed Borderlands 3’s main story for a second time with Zane and is now only a few levels from max level with him. He’s also been playing The Outer Worlds for review, which will be coming next week. Steve meanwhile went back and got the platinum on A Knight’s Quest “which is a lovely Zelda-like slightly held back by a lack of polish. Carrying on with FF X and just got past the bullshit difficulty spike of Seymour Flux. Also enjoying the Sci-Fi metal Valfaris – Slain with a 2000AD makeover. Finally I’ve been installing a bunch of horror games ready for Halloween and the winter.”

TC has been playing Death Stranding. He cannot tell you anything about it yet though so don’t ask. Tef has been jetting off to cover the frankly awesome-sounding Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and is now off again to cover PDXCON which I’m sure we’ll hear about next week. Tom has played Destiny 2, but then that is not much of a surprise. And finally Ade has polished off the last few levels of A Plague Tale. “I found those final levels a bit underwhelming, particularly the lousy boss fights, but the compelling story and excellent characterisation kept me playing till the end.”

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  1. Turns out Uncharted 4 was a bit longer than i remembered so when i thought i was almost done it still took me another few days to complete it. Thoroughly enjoyed it again, especially the story.
    I then re-installed Blodborne only to realise that without a PS+ sub i can’t actually call in some co-op assistance.
    Instead, i found Bioshock Infinite languishing on my shelf – picked up as part of the remastered collection but i had only played 1 and 2 as Infinite was still ‘fresh’ in my memory at the time, so i’ve started replaying that now.

  2. EGX was great this year – managed to play some FF7, Avengers, Streets of Rage, Predator Hunting Grounds and sat in on the live gameplay for Cyberpunk 2077. Loved everything, next Spring is going to be amazing/expensive!

  3. Same as last week, mostly.

    Lots of PvZ again. Found a secret button that makes a thing appear. Which you feed tacos. Which causes a load of gnomes to appear. Because of course it does.

    Wondering why I waited so long to start on Hitman 2. It’s not just more of the same (apart from when you play the levels from the first game in it). It all seems bigger and a little bit less serious. Still got several more to do.

    Finished off Far Cry New Dawn, mostly. Couldn’t be arsed going for all the trophies. Do the same 7 expeditions 3 times each? Surprised they didn’t fit 200,000 collectibles in.

    And I’m still not that impressed by God of War. Mostly because you can’t kill the boy. But partly because it doesn’t feel like a God of War game. Still looks and sounds good though. And too many long conversations in a boat, extra slow lifts, and running along a magical path that all completely fail to disguise the fact that it’s clearly loading a whole bunch of stuff and doesn’t think you’ll notice.

    Plus I’ve got a horrible cold now, so I think I’ll stay in bed tomorrow with 5+ hours of The Cure to watch playing 40 years of songs on Blu-ray.

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