Doctor Who: The Edge of Time comes to PSVR, Oculus and Vive in November

The Doctor is taking steps into the realms of VR video gaming next month with the release of Doctor Who: The Edge of Time for PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, HTC Vive and HTC Vive Cosmos on 12th November.


Developed by Maze Theory, this is the first feature-length VR video game in the franchise’s history, delving into and referencing the 55-year history of the TV show. You don’t play as the Doctor herself, but as her companion, though you still get to wave the sonic screwdriver around to solve puzzles, escape tricky environments and battle some of the classic Doctor Who enemies.

The game is built in an episodic fashion, with visits to different time periods to face different foes and threats joined together by visits to pilot the Tardis and an overarching danger that is reaching back through time to rewrite parts of history. Through this you’ll come face to face with the Weeping Angels in one segment, and even get to pilot a Dalek shell in another.

It features the voice acting of current Doctor Jodie Whittaker, as well as Nicholas Briggs, the voice of the Daleks, and features a time-hopping story written by Gavin Collinson, Digital Producer for Doctor Who and author.

To coincide with the announcement, there’s also some grand new key art for the game. I’m sure that Whovians will Hoover it up, pouring over all the possible details that can be found in there. I mean, there’s obviously Daleks and Weeping Angels, but what’s up with that UFO-looking thing? The Mansion on the right and the shooting stars?

We went hands (face?) on with the game a little while ago, writing in our preview, “With a selection of Doctor Who villains old and new, a time-hopping adventure and an accomplished step into the world of VR, Doctor Who: The Edge of Time could do more than enough to keep eager Whovians entertained while waiting for the TV series to start up again next year.”

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  1. Looks quite nice, and the sort of thing that should work well in VR.

    But you’re not The Doctor? What sort of nonsense is that? Nobody wants to play as one of The Doctor’s friends, do they?

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