Firewall Zero Hour’s Operation Heartland content out today, details here

The latest big update for Firewall Zero Hour has arrived and this one is called Operation Heartland, and this one brings the action to the USA. This content follows a similar pattern to Operation Dark Web which saw the addition of new maps, weapons, and the Ops Pass which gives extra missions to earn additional bonus and premium cosmetic awards.


The first bit of content that has landed with Operation Heartland is the Prepper map, one of the two free maps that will be added as part of the season. The Prepper map is set in a bunker network in Arizona. This map is also the theme for the main menu and lobby this season. Gauntlet will be the second map which is a training ground set in Virginia. That map will arrive on November 26th.

The two contractors require having the Op Pass. The first one is called Bear, available from today, and he is billed as an expert hunter. He has the Hunter skill which removes the red indicator above him making it harder to work out he is an enemy. The second contractor will be the Frenchman Dom whose skill is called Survivalist, giving him an extra downed state. Dom will be available on November 26th.

The free piece of equipment is the nerve gas mine which can be used defensively and offensively. Once it is triggered by an enemy a lethal gas spreads inflicting damage until that gas radius is left. The two new weapons are the TC1 Crossbow and the Classic Reg K8, both unlockable through corresponding missions. The crossbow is available this week while the Classic Reg 8 will be available in week 5 of Operation Heartland. Ops Pass holders can get the Meiko’s ZS legendary skin after completing all free, premium, and bonus missions in Operation Heartland. All players can get a Blood & Truth trinket, with other cosmetics also being earnable.

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  1. There’s a bit of a (presumably temporary) halloween theme to it. The little piles of crypto you find during a game are little piles of candy. And there’s skellingtons and pumpkins all over the new lobby.

    Along with a fucking enormous spider! Looking round the new lobby, talking to people, make the mistake of looking up and made a not particularly manly noise.

    Can people just not put spiders in VR games? Please? Until Dawn: Rush of Blood had them, and that was bad. Resident Evil 7 had them, and given the state I was in playing that game in VR in the first place, that was not a good idea. And now there’s one just sitting there in the Firewall lobby.

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