Bethesda’s Fallout 1st service broken on launch, who could have predicted that?

When Bethesda announced Fallout 1st earlier this week it got a rather hostile reception, £100 for private servers and a few cosmetic bits and bobs, and this is for a game that was massively broken on launch.

Guess what? Fallout 1st is broken on launch! Well I never, what a surprise, no one saw that coming.


The first problem is with the Scrap box which subscribers can use, it is meant to be bottomless so you can chuck as much gear as you like in it. Amazingly there are some people who have signed up to Fallout 1st and they have discovered that rather than keep unlimited scrap the box eats it, it disappears and there is no way to get it back.

Bethesda issued this statement to Gamespot.

Following the release of Update 14 earlier this week, the development team has been looking into player reports of scrap going missing. We have some details to share with you on our findings and our plan moving forward. Our initial investigation indicated that this was a display issue, and that no items had gone missing. However, we have since found that a small number of players have in fact experienced a loss of scrap items after placing them into the Scrapbox and then loading into a world. Resolving this issue is currently our top priority.

We are also exploring ways to restore the missing items.We are working to address this with a hotfix as soon as possible, and we will let players know once we are ready to deploy the fix.

The other big feature of Fallout 1st is private servers, instances of the world that only the subscriber and seven other invited guests could enter.

Yep, that doesn’t work either.

Players have noted that anyone on their friends list can join their private world, the do not need to be invited, the world is not private.

“We understand this is not what players expected for their Private Worlds,” said Bethesda as they ran as fast as the could to the bank with the money from the saps who actually paid for Fallout 1st. “We are looking to provide an option in an upcoming patch that will allow Fallout 1st members to restrict access to their servers more completely, preventing friends from joining without permission,” they added.

In related news, Bethesda forgot to register the domain so someone else did and it’s really quite something, you should check it out.

The Fallout 1st subscription  costs $12.99 / £11.99 a month or $99.99 / £99.99 a year, and gives you access to not very private worlds, broken scrap boxes, a Ranger Armor outfit, a nice tent, 1,650 atoms to spend in the Atomic Shop, and at least three hollow apologies per month.

Source: Gamespot

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  1. Honestly – who the hell is buying this stuff anyway. £100 a year to play a game you already paid for thats already a buggy broken mess.

    • People are, quite literally, crazy.

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