The Pokémon Centre London is a hot mess with seven hour queues

The much trumpeted Pokémon Centre London opened a few days ago offering fans exclusive merchandise and other Pokémon treats including a Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield demo. However, it’s become a bit of a disaster with queues to get in to the store extending out of the huge shopping centre, when I visited Westfield last Saturday people at the end of the queue were facing a seven hour wait.

The daily queue time during the week is around five hours and the queue is now closing at 2pm. Some fans have been camping outside to be first the queue but tents and camping gear have now been banned. The store hours have also been changed and it will now close at 6pm rather than 10pm.


The exclusive bowler hatted Pikachu had been limited to just two per customer but now all customers are limited to just six purchases in total, excluding Nintendo hardware and games. The store is also constantly running out of stock. Here are a couple of tweets from the Pokémon Centre London.

We receive daily deliveries and endeavour to replenish stock as quickly as possible. However, due to unprecedented demand, some products may sell out before the end of the day. Our team are working hard to restock daily. However, as interest in the store has been unprecedented, some products may sell out before the shop’s closure on Friday 15th November.

You can see how fast things are selling out, the store opened today at 10am and by 11am this had happened…

And half an hour later….

Looking back at yesterday’s tweets the London City Pikachu White T-shirts, London City Pikachu Crest Hoodies, London City Pikachu Black Sweatshirts, London City Pikachu plush, London City Pikachu Crest pins, and Pokémon Center London Umbrellas all sold out before the store had closed.

Some of the people in the queue might be there to make a fast buck. The bowler hat Pikachus are going on eBay for £2000

TLDR: Don’t even bother going to the Pokémon Centre London.

Source: Twitter

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