Author who has “reviewed” Death Stranding describes it as “breathtaking, unique, stunning”

The author of Mecha Samurai Empire & Cyber Shogun Revolution, Peter Tieryas, seems to know what an embargo is but equally, does not. Peter, who has also written for IGN and Kotaku, has tweeted that he has played Death Stranding and it is “breathtaking, easily one of the most unique and stunning experiences I’ve had in all my years of gaming.”

He also notes that he’s not allowed to say anything more until the review embargo drops on November 1st. Actually Peter mate, you’re not even allowed to say it is “breathtaking, easily one of the most unique and stunning experiences I’ve had in all my years of gaming,” that is also breaking the embargo.


Is Peter correct? Well actually.. I can’t tell you until November 1st. Aha! I know how embargoes work, but someone else who seems a bit fuzzy on the rules is Hideo Kojima as he has retweeted Peter’s tweet.

The Kojima Productions account went even further and stated this was a “review”.

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Another person who has described Death Stranding as stunning, but probably has not signed a NDA, is the director of the critically acclaimed Max Max film, George Miller. In a new video posted by IGN he describes how “cultural evolution” can only happen if new ideas are presented. “If we were doing the same old safe work all the time, that’s almost a certain way to fail anyway,” he said.

The video then shows George watching some of the game commenting on the “wonderful imagery” which he describes as “stunning”.

While you wait for the embargo to end why not check out the official Death Stranding Spotify playlist, curated by Kojima Productions, that includes tracks from game and other related songs. Artists include Low Roar, Alan Walker, Au/Ra, MISSIO, Khalid, and Labrinth.

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  1. Additionally, this Peter fellow has a quote in regards to his book as his Twitter header from none other than Hideo himself. So I’m not saying I don’t trust him but he’s definitely far down on my list of who to believe when it comes to this game.

  2. Interestingly, “breathtaking”, “stunning” and “unique” are are all descriptions that can be applied negatively too (Peter may want to use this in his defence…). The game may be uniquely terrible, theoretically. Never the less, I’m hopeful for the game!

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