Sony trademark the PlayStation 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10

Sony took a rather long time to confirm the their next generation console would be called the PlayStation 5 even though it was blindingly obvious that would be the name bestowed it. However, the name of the next console after that may be a little less secret as Sony have just trademarked the PlayStation 6,7,8,9, and 10.

The trademarks were spotted by Gematsu and if we assume a seven year lifespan for each console we can assume the PlayStation 10 will be out around 2050. There’s something to look forward to!


Obviously none of the consoles exist in any form other than a trademark at the moment as we are still waiting for the PlayStation 5 to launch during Christmas 2020.

Jim Ryan confirmed the name of the console and the release date while giving Wired an exclusive look at the console hardware. “It’s nice to be able to say it. Like a giant burden has been lifted from my shoulders,” he claimed.

He and Mark Cerny also doubled down on some of the technical details of the next-gen console. There was confirmation that there is GPU hardware acceleration for ray-tracing, which was ever-so-slightly ambiguous before; the SSD will be super fast, but it’s being used in a more interesting way so that you can install just the parts of the games you want; the PS5 will support 100GB Blu-ray discs, making that selective installing a damn good feature to have. It was also confirmed that the drive will double up as a 4K blu-ray player.

Sony are dragging a lot of live features out of games and into the operating system, so that you can more dynamically see, not just which of your friends are playing, but the events and modes within a game that are active – handy when everything’s a live service – and boot straight into them from the home screen. You can read more about the console here. 

Source: Gematsu

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