PlayStation’s new advert mashes up your favourite franchises

Just the other day I was reminiscing on these very pages recalling those fabulous adverts that PlayStation used to make that brought together characters from loads of games in one big epic clash.

Guess what? There’s a new one! Hurrah!


The “It’s Time To Play” advert begins with Monster Hunter then switches to Crash Bandicoot racing around a car park (Dramatization! Do not Attempt!).

The Fortnite Battle Bus drops, followed by Kratos, some FIFA footballers, and Cloud from Final Fantasy VII Remake. Aloy and Deacon are present and it wouldn’t be a PlayStation advert without Nathan Drake and he can be seen racing beside Crash at the end.

I suspect there are plenty more Easter Eggs to be found in the advert, can you spot any?

Source: YouTube

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