The Otterman Empire announced, has otters wearing jetpacks fighting each other

Who doesn’t love a good pun? Tri-Heart Interactive appears to do so and you can tell with the way the developer has named its local multiplayer title. The Otterman Empire is not just a witty name but gives you a clue of what to expect. In this game players each pick an otter, arm it with a jetpack and weapons, then enter an arena to fight it out with other otters.


Every round in multiplayer lasts two minutes and every single round also has a different objective to complete, which are randomly generated. As you’ll see from the gameplay the jetpacks aren’t just for show but are the main means of transport around the arenas, so you’ll be tested on both your flight and fight modes. Outside of multiplayer there is a solo and co-op campaign in which players hunt down Tiko, a mad scientist that wants to destroy the empire. Maybe they aren’t a fan of puns?

The Otterman Empire’s features include:

  • Eight dynamic local multiplayer modes including the fast-paced, Squiditch, explosive Detonator and sharp-shooting Target Practice.

  • Compelling campaign mode with a huge variety of challenges across an entire galaxy.

  • Ten completely customizable characters with a range of unlockable helmets, jetpacks and antenna to truly make your otter your own.

  • Eight lush and detailed planets including the huge volcanic base station, Fishmonger Base, the technological playground, Ottopolis and the beautiful overgrown temples of Lontra.

  • A unique combination of competition and collaboration which delivers a range of challenges with unpredictable outcomes.

The Otterman Empire has been confirmed for Switch, Xbox One, and PC with a release date scheduled to be at some point in early 2020.

Source: Press Release

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