Human Fall Flat free ice level is rolling out now

Winter is here, people. Night comes in early, temperatures are dropping, and we’ll soon be inundated by Mariah Carey and Michael Buble on the radio. Not everything is bad about winter though, and if you like Human Fall Flat then you’ll like this piece of news. There’s a free bit of DLC rolling out now and it adds a free ice level.

As you can see in the trailer there’s quite a few bits to explore. Dangle from chairlifts, slide down the icy slopes and climb up the mountains. The DLC also adds a few more achievements. If you’ve not played Human Fall Flat this what Stefan had to say when he reviewed it.

Human Fall Flat is a game that’s aware of how unusual it is and builds to its own strengths. Bob’s ungainly controls work particularly well in the invitingly designed worlds that let you play around, cheat and conspire with a co-op buddy.

You can read the full Human Fall Flat review here.

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