PSA: Don’t redeem Pinnacle Rewards in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep until tomorrow’s update

Bungie have issued a warning for Destiny 2 this week, with an in-game pop up greeting you to warn you not to complete weekly challenges or hand in bounties that give the highest tier Pinnacle rewards in the game.

An update landing tomorrow on 7th November is going to boost the relative power levels of Pinnacle rewards from +1 to +2, giving an appreciable bump in power for those hunting gear to push further beyond Destiny 2: Shadowkeep’s hard cap of 950.


The pop up notes, “We have an update planned for November 7 that will increase Pinnacle reward drops from a +1 to a +2. Do not turn in Iron Banner bounties or complete other Pinnacle activities that refresh weekly until after the update.”

It’s a big week in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, with the first Iron Banner competitive PvP event kicking off last night and the Halloween Festival of the Lost event continuing to rumble on. It’s a great time for players to step into the game and pick up some high-end loot and gear, but you’ll obviously now want to hold off on some activities until then. For the Iron Banner, Pinnacle rewards being bounties at least means you can take part in it without fear of losing out, but other activities, such as the expansion’s Raid and beating the weekly challenge to beat the Nightfall with a score over 100,000 will have to wait until after the update.

The change will come into effect tomorrow, with Bungie’s US West Coast location meaning those in the UK and EU should expect the update to drop around 6PM GMT/ 7PM CET.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep marked the start of a new chapter for the game and Bungie as a developer, separating them completely from Activision and looking to kickstart a new, more iterative form for the game. As we wrote in our Destiny 2: Shadowkeep review, “Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is another solid expansion for Bungie’s addictive looter shooter. It’s a mixed bag, building on the solid foundations of Destiny 2: Forsaken with some ideas working better than others. This is a new era for Bungie though, with an ambitious vision of a game that’s constantly evolving from week to week, and the first glimpses of this already giving me real optimism for its future.”

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