Contagion VR: Outbreak PSVR release date confirmed, out next week

Monochrome Corp has taken to Reddit to confirm the release date for the PSVR version of Contagion VR: Outbreak and PSVR players won’t have to wait long. The game will be available on November 12th where it will be released with Move and 3D Rudder support. DualShock 4 support may come in the future but will not be available at launch.


When Contagion VR: Outbreak releases it will include a tutorial, free roam mode, and three missions. A fourth mission is on the way. When it comes to length the mission’s last for different types depending on playstyles. Speedrunners may be able to get through them in 20 minutes while those who want to explore could take 90 minutes per mission. When it comes to moving there will be both smooth and snap movement. The game will be a single player title though there is some discussion around adding multiplayer as well. The price is set at $25. For all you trophy hunters there is a platinum trophy to go for as well.

Source: Reddit

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