Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s November roadmap detailed

It’s fair to say that Ghost Recon Breakpoint didn’t meet expectations, so much so that Ubisoft has delayed future titles as a result and released a letter to state it is working on ways to improve the Breakpoint experience. In that open letter Ubisoft confirmed it was working on patch 1.03, and now we know what to expect. Patch 1.03 will arrive on November 12th and it will address weapon fire rate, drone deployment, cover switch, stamina speed, and improved night vision goggles. At the end of the month patch will be out to fix other parts of the game.

In terms of content new faction missions will be available on November 12th, this being the third chapter in an ongoing storyline. These missions are called A Deadly Trap and Whistleblower. In the first a virus is hitting the island so you need to help the Homesteaders prepare, while in the second mission you need to help some people escape to the Outcasts before they’re taken out by Sentinel.


A Community Survey will be going out at some point today for players to give additional feedback on Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and help shape what the development team implements in the future. In our Ghost Recon Breakpoint review I wrote:

Ghost Recon Breakpoint should be the breaking point for Ubisoft’s open world design by committee. There’s an entertaining experience buried somewhere under the bloat and I had some fun at times in the game – I love infiltrating bases, but everything surrounding that is a pain. Maybe, just maybe, not every game needs to be open world? Maybe not every game needs a gear score? Sometimes simplicity is key.
You can read the full Ghost Recon Breakpoint review here.
Source: Ubisoft

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