Mini Motor Racing X heading to PS4 and PSVR in December

Binary Mill has revealed a new racer for PSVR and PS4. That racer is Mini Motor Racing X and, much like Tiny Trax before it, the game is focused on tabletop racing. The game will feature 52 environments to compete across four championships. There will be weather variants as well as options to choose between day and night. There are dozens of cars and each can be upgraded to make them better performers across the races.

Mini Motor Racing X will include online multiplayer and will allow PSVR players to play with regular PS4 players. In terms of enhancements, the PS4 Pro will have 4K visuals running at 60fps, or 90fps in VR. Mini Motor Racing X is expected to be released in December though when exactly is yet to be confirmed.

Source: Press Release

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