What We Played #424 – Red Dead Redemption 2, Nioh 2 & cocktails on the beach

What is this? 2018? For some reason everyone here at TSA seems to be playing Red Dead Redemption 2 again, all for rather different reasons.

Jason’s been playing Red Dead Redemption 2 – “So much Red Dead” – primarily so that he can gab about how the game holds up (or doesn’t) on PC. For other reasons, Aran has been playing RDR 2 on console, saying he’s “really just been wandering around the world, collecting dino bones, and completing challenges.” That includes trying to find someone to beat the Poker Challenge at Flatneck, and struggling to get three perfect rabbit skins.

And Gamoc has gritted his teeth to finally get Red Dead Redemption 2 done; “It’s infuriating in its design and has more than a few poorly thought through mechanics, but the story is excellent and it is flabbergastingly pretty (if games keep getting better looking, I’m going to run out of descriptive words).”

Finally getting us to some other games, Jim has been playing “lots of shooty stuff.” He started with more Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and he’s been enjoying the freshly added Kill Confirmed and NVG modes. Alongside that he’s jumped over to Battlefield V for more of the new War in the Pacific content, and has dipped back into Rainbow Six Siege. “Naturally, juggling all three hasn’t been good for my K/D ratio,” he admits.

Ade’s handed in his Nioh gun and badge, temporarily trading them in for a beta Nioh 2 gun and badge. “What I’ve played seems to suggest a significant improvement on every aspect of Nioh,” he said. “It’s bloody hard and has an overwhelming amount of new and very complicated mechanics. I love it.”

It’s been a week of pain for Steve. After 73 hours, Final Fantasy X on PS Vita decided to corrupt his save file. It’s gone. It’s dead. So, to try and ease the trauma, he played the first episode of Song of Horrors and the spacey spooky Moons of Madness. He also got the platinum trophy for Blackwood Crossing and continued on hiw quest for the Horizon Chase Turbo platinum.

Nic B shared his opinions on Shenmue III, or “more like Shenmeh III, amirite?” – check our his preview here.

Miguel’s been trying to clear his backlog of games from the year, playing AI: The Somnium Files and messing around in Atelier Ryza some more. Reuben’s also been playing an older game, kind of, by playing New Super Lucky’s Tale on Switch, thoroughly enjoying himself in the process. Alongside that, he’s been chipping away at the Alliance Raid in Final Fantasy XIV and drowning in NieR: Automata nostalgia.

I’ve been playing a mixture of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, pushing to the cusp of a natural 950 Power just in time for the Iron Banner, and slammed ghosts around in the first half of Luigi’s Mansion 3. Meanwhile, Dom has been hammering a heady cocktail of Kingdom Under Fire II, Monkeyball Blitz, Skybolt Zack, NBA 2K20 and Mario and Sonic at the Olympics.

Finally, Tuffcub reported in from his holidays: “I have been playing drinking cocktails on Waikiki beach.”

Thanks, Tuff.

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  1. After a birthday weekend that meant no gaming (but lots of food, and Doctor Sleep on the fanciest screen we could find), I somehow had a copy of Kingdom Hearts 3 in my pocket. I’ve got big pockets. And it was cheap.

    So that’s taken up a lot of this week. It’s fun, especially the Pixar worlds. But the story by this point (after just 2 main games and 407 other games) is just a confusing mess.

    There was also lots of Honor & Duty (including a very busy Sunday evening) and some PvZ again.

    And some of Outlast 2. Glad I waited for it to be on PS+. Loved the first one, which was kind of terrifying. The second one isn’t so far.

    Plus with PS Now, there’s that Middle Earth: Shadow of War game. Just more of the same thing as the first one, really. The most Ubisoft game that isn’t an Ubisoft game ever.

  2. I’ve been enjoying The Outer Worlds, folks were saying it’s a 15-20 hour game and although it does seem smaller and more condensed than a Fallout game, i’m 30 hours in and i’ve mostly been doing side and companion quests and i’m still only on the 4th main story quest. It plays like a blend of Fallout and Mass Effect and the humour has kept me chuckling regularly throughout. The locations, while a bit smaller and more condensed-feeling, look fantastic as do the various creatures encountered.

  3. Call of Duty Modern Warfare Platinum.
    Played Fifa 20 this week and on Death Stranding. Short and simple xD lol

  4. Just finished luigis mansion 3 which was bloody brilliant except for the water level which really tarnished the whole thing for me. Hopefully can find all the gems and boos before Pokemon arrives.

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