Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shifting Tides – 20 things you need to know

Rainbow Six Siege is about to kick off its upcoming season. Rounding out Year 4, Shifting Tides is expected to roll out later this month, featuring two new operators, a map rework, and a handful of interesting gameplay changes.

Here are 20 quickfire highlights from today’s reveal:

  • Kali is your new Siege attacker. She’s an Indian sniper and leader of the fictional Nighthaven Special Intervention Company.
  • Kali’s custom made CSRX 300 is Siege’s first bolt action rifle and, yeah, it packs quite the punch. It takes one shot to fully demolish wooden barricades with enough penetration to go through multiple soft walls.
  • Fun fact: Kali’s CSRX 300 can kill an entire team with a single shot, though the chances of this ever actually happening are… slim to say the least.
  • Kali’s other loadout options include the P226 MK25 handgun and C75 Auto machine pistol with a choice between a claymore or breach charge.
  • The LV Explosive Lance is Kali’s gadget. This under barrel projectile can be shot at long range, destroying nearby gadgets on both sides of breakable and reinforced surfaces.
  • The CSRX 300 has a hybrid scope with 5x and 12x magnification. One shot to the torso will instantly down an enemy.
  • It’s powerful, though there are some things the CSRX 300 can’t penetrate, including Tachanka’s turret. Hitting Clash’s shield won’t damage her though causes a temporary stun which could still be useful opening for other attackers.

  • Wamai hails from Kenya and is Kali’s best Nighthaven operative. He’s the new defender for this season, bringing the total number of operators up to 52.
  • Wamai’s Mag-NET is a new defence gadget that will suck up any projectile that is thrown or fired within its area of effect. They will be drawn towards the device very briefly before detonating.
  • Wamai’s loadout includes the AUG 12 assault rifle and MP5K submachine gun as your two primary weapons. He can also equip the Keratos .357 handgun, or the P12 along with a deployable shield or barbed wire.
  • A few examples of what the Mag-NET can be used on includes grenades as well as operator gadgets such as Kali’s LV Explosive Lance, Gridlock’s Trax Stingers, and Fuze’s APM-6.
  • They both have 2 speed and 2 armour.
  • By default, you will now need to press a button to exit a rappel instead of this happening automatically.
  • Bullet penetration on character models has been improved. Bullets will now pass through limbs to hit the best targeted area.

  • Theme Park has been reworked to make it a more viable map for competitive play. The biggest change here is the complete removal of the Rail Platform. Designer’s concluded that the original Theme Park felt like two separate maps and so wanted to compact it.
  • The Gargoyle and Haunting Dining bomb sites have been swapped for the Throne Room and Armory pair. The Gong Room is now the main entrance with the Arcade Entrance blocked. Lighting throughout Theme Park has also been improved to increase visibility.
  • Shifting Tides will introduce a new Elite Skin for Capitao, dressing him up in casual wear.
  • Shifting Tides will be available to try out tomorrow on November 11th when it hits the test servers.
  • Ubisoft has not confirmed a launch date, though previous seasons have spent around two to three weeks of testing before going public.
  • Kali and Wamai will only be available to Year 4 and Uplay+ pass holders for the first seven days after which they can be purchased for Renown or R6 Credits.
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