Rainbow Six Operation Siege Shifting Tides revealed, live on test server tomorrow

Ubisoft has blown the lid off its upcoming season for Rainbow Six Siege at the Pro League Season X finals being held in Tokoname, Japan.

Dubbed Operation Shifting Tides, this is the final season of year 4 (referred to as Y4S4) and will deliver a wad of new content alongside a number of updates and fixes to the core game.

Y4S3 introduces two new playable operators including Indian attacker, Kali, and Kenyan defender, Wamai. Both hail from the Nighthaven Special Intervention Company instead of real world counter terrorism units based in their home countries. The fictional PMC is owned and led by Kali with Wamai being her number one mercenary.

Two new operators means that there are two new gadgets being introduced to Siege.

Kali’s loadout has immediately drawn attention from fans thanks to her custom CSRX 300, the game’s first bolt action sniper rifle. Her gadget, however, is the LV Explosive Lance – an under barrel projectile that can be fired at surfaces, destroying enemy gadgets within its area of effect.

Meanwhile, Wamai is packing a puck shaped device called the Mag-NET. As its name suggests, this gadget will pull an incoming projectile towards it. However, unlike Jager’s ADS (which disables projectiles) the Mag-NET will still detonate them which presents an array of tactical opportunities.

Together, Kali and Wamai bring Siege’s total roster of playable operators up to 52.

Alongside them comes a new map. Well, an old map but one that’s been given more than just a fresh lick of paint. The team at Ubisoft Montreal has reworked Theme, demolishing some parts and ultimately making it more compact to suit competitive play.

The developer has also noted a couple of key gameplay changes being added for Shifting Tides:

  • Limb penetration system has been implemented
  • Rappel exits will request a prompt from player to enter rappel

With several post launch operators celebrating their anniversary, Ubisoft has slashes the prices for Hibana, Echo, Dokkaebi, Vigil, Zofia, Nomad, and Kaid.

There’s no official launch date for Y4S4 though it will go live on the Siege test servers tomorrow on November 11th.

Looking back at previous seasons and their accompanying test periods, the public launch for Shifting Tides across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC should follow a couple of weeks after.

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