Where the Water Tastes Like Wine comes to PS4, Xbox One and Switch this month

One of the more intriguing indie games from last year, Where the Water Tastes Like Wine is taking its travelling tales from PC to console, coming to PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on 29th November.


Where the Water Tastes Like Wine explores Depression-era America, telling a collection of tales of the characters that you meet along the way. There’s sixteen characters in all, with a supernatural slant that means you’ll go from speaking to ghost children to the legend of Pecos Bill. You, meanwhile, are the skeleton of a homeless man, given life in a Faustian deal that means you must wander the country in search of these stories.

It’s a fascinating period for a game to try and explore, and one that Steve rather enjoyed with its original PC release in March 2018. You can read our Where the Water Tastes Like Wine review here, or simply catch Steve’s conclusion:

Summing up my experience with Where The Water Tastes Like Wine is more complex than a numerical score can truly represent. The aesthetics, soundtrack, and writing here are wonderful and more than reward the patience required to fully unravel the game’s mysteries.

Playing it resulted in an immersion that went beyond my niggles with the gameplay. It is clear from my comments here that the game won’t have the universal appeal to match the political and social importance of its themes and message. It is a game that should be played by many, but that will probably frustrate as many as it ensnares. It more than lived up to my expectations and if you are interested in exploring the ways in which games can go beyond other media in their use of narrative then it is unmissable.

If you’re curious about the game, a free companion game, Fireside Chats, was releases on PC in the middle of last year, while an expansion that explored the tales of Chinese immigrants arrived this summer.

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