Sonic the Hedgehog movie gets a new look in the latest trailer

Let’s just say that the reaction to the first Sonic the Hedgehog movie trailer was not that great. In fact, it was so bad that Paramount delayed the film to try and fix it. So, let’s try this again, shall we? Here’s the new trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog.


How was that? Sonic the Hedgehog will be hitting cinema screens on 14th February 2020. Will this make for the perfect Valentine’s Day date?

Well, even if it doesn’t, this is a bajillion times better than it was:

The trailer comes out almost half a year since the last one which led to the film’s delay. At the time Sonic, well, didn’t really look like Sonic. He was wearing socks, he had disturbing teeth, and just looked all kinds of wrong. The fan reaction was widespread and highly critical, and even Sega had concerns.

In the end, the right call was made, not just to redesign the character, but also to give the VFX artists time to make the necessary adjustments – with a wider understanding of how crunch affects developers in video games, this was a good decision. It meant that the movie slipped from its December release to February.

Most recently, about a month ago in fact, supposedly leaked images popped up online, claiming to show the redesigned character. However, clear visual discrepancies between the images revealed them to be quite fake.

The film was originally going to be produced by Sony by they sold the rights to Paramount. It stars James Marsden as Tom Wachowski, a former SFPD officer who has moved to Green Hills, Motana, who encounters the blue speedster, who is voiced by Ben Schwartz. Jim Carrey will be playing the villain Dr Ivo Robotnic and seems to be giving it full 1990’s Jim Carrey, which could be good. The cast also includes Tika Sumpter as Dr. Annie Wachowski, Neal McDonough as Major Bennington, and Adam Pally.

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  1. I thought the original trailer was some sort of Deep Fake hoax… but then I realised the truth and died inside. This trailer was the kiss of life, I’m actually now quite excited for what will probably be a decent slice of fun! I hope the team that are working on the film are pleased that we are pleased with their very impressive last six months of work, truly a turd can be polished.

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