We Happy Few’s final DLC We All Fall Down out next week

Compulsion Games has confirmed the release date and content of the final DLC expansion for We Happy Few, and this one is called We All Fall Down. We Happy Few players can expect to be able to get the content on November 19th. Victoria Byng is the main protagonist of this DLC and her mission is to get everyone off of the drug, Joy.


The world is already in the grip of a Joy shortage and Victoria just wants to give it a little push. The DLC will add new elements including rooftop traversal to escape from the Bobbies. Stealth players have also got the option of taking out enemies silently with a new dart gun. There’s also a whip as an additional weapon. There’s also a change in that the systems of crafting, sleeping, and eating are taken out to make a more streamlined experience.

When We Happy Few was released this is what Jason said in the review:

There’s a huge amount of potential in this dystopian 1960s drug trip, but ultimately it starts to feel frustrating quite quickly. Every time We Happy Few draws you in with an interesting tidbit about the world or the character you are playing as it’s scuppered by the systems fighting against you. It just becomes frustrating and makes a potentially immersive experience an irritating exercise in dealing with the game mistaking your intentions. Much like the dystopian world in which it is set, We Happy Few never feels quite right.

You can read the full We Happy Few review here.

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