Everwild revealed as Rare’s next new IP, but Sea of Thieves will continue

Microsoft and Rare have given us a glimpse of a brand new IP from the studio, teasing Everwild at tonight’s XO19 fanfest event.


The game is still very early in development, but from the glimpses that we have, we get to see the natural and magical world that it’s set in. There’s a richness to the visuals that hark to the fantasies of Breath of the Wild, of Ori and the Blind Forest, and even Sea of Thieves itself with the art style. As with Sea of Thieves, the team at Rare led by Louise O’Connor are trying to think outside the box and create new kinds of experiences. They say that “Everwild will give you memorable, engaging and meaningful experiences for players everywhere to share.”

And really that’s about all that they have to say about that! With no mention of a launch window, we can safely assume that this game won’t be out before the end of this generation. It will be looking toward Project Scarlett and next gen, but given Microsoft’s push for cloud gaming and breaking down the barriers between hardware revisions, it could potentially be a cross-generational game. That will largely depend on how long the game spends in development – Sea of Thieves was announced at E3 2015 and launched two and half years later in early 2018.

Speaking of Sea of Thieves, Rare have revealed what’s next for their social piracy game. The next free update, The Seabound Soul, will arrive on 20th November, featuring a new lore-focussed Tall Tale mission. You’ll join Captain Pendragon to uncover the mystery of the ship the Ashen Dragon and reveal the secrets that it holds within. It follows on from the Tall Tales released for the game earlier this year, adding more of a narrative slant to the game with a series of adventures.

You’ll also have a new toy to play with: firebombs. This explosive ammo can be thrown or fired out of cannons and will be available in both Adventure and The Arena modes.

It’s worth noting that Rare will continue to develop and grown Sea of Thieves as a live service alongside the creation of Everwild.

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