For Honor update tests new Spectator Mode feature

For Honor continues to be one of our favourite fighting games and now players will get to see matches unfold in a more cinematic fashion thanks to the new spectator mode. This feature is now live across all versions of the game though it’s worth noting that this is a beta stress test, the team at Ubisoft Montreal confirming that a full release is coming soon.


Spectator mode will allow you to watch heroes throw down either from above the battlefield, using freecam, or from a player’s perspective. You’ll only be able to spectate games in which one or more of the combatants is on your friends list. Still, it’s an in-game feature many fans have been requesting and one that Ubisoft will hopefully leverage in its attempts to nurture a serious For Honor competitive scene.

Earlier this month we saw a new playable hero added to the game – you can read all about our Y3S4 Zhanhu gameplay impressions.

In the meantime, here’s the official spectator mode beta FAQ:

What is the Spectator Mode Stress Beta?

Players will have access to Spectator Mode which will allow the players to watch their friends play For Honor on any map and in any regular permanent multiplayer game modes happening on dedicated servers.

When does the Spectator Mode Beta Start?

Spectator Mode will be live on PS4, Xbox One and PC starting November 14th @ 16 h UTC. For any updates or changes to the schedule, we’ll let you know by updating this thread.

What features are available in Spectator Mode?

The players will have access to different camera modes:

-Tactical Cam: View the match from a bird’s eye view. As in Limbo mode when playing the game,you can zoom and rotate the camera to focus on the spots where the action is

– Free Cam: Players can move this camera to wherever they want in the map. It flies through walls has elevation controls

– Player Cam: Spectate a specific player on the attacker or defender team

For more controls, view the controller layout in the options menu

What changes are in the Spectator Mode Beta?

Following our previous tests, the mode has gone through several Quality of Life changes:

– Breach matches can now be spectated

– Player selection has been improved, both for controller and keyboard + mouse

– Stance Indicator is now visible when in Player Cam

– Matches now start in Tactical Camera

– Spectators can watch the same player between rounds of Duel, instead of going back to the default one every round

– Player outlines are hidden when HUD is hidden

– Player information panels have been increased in size (in Spectator Mode only)

What modes are available in the Spectator Mode Beta?

Players can spectate their friends on any game mode on dedicated servers, except for Tribute. Note: custom matches played on peer to peer, arcade quests, and campaign/story mode are not available in Spectator Mode.

How do I use Spectator Mode?

To use Spectator Mode, open your friend list and find a friend that has an “eye” icon, which indicates that they can be spectated. Select that friend and choose “SPECTATE”

Who can I spectate?

Players can only spectate people on their friends list. If your friends are in a custom match, they can opt out of being spectated.

Can I still use Spectator Mode after the Stress Test?

You will not be able to use Spectator Mode when the test is over.

Are there any special offers during the beta?

There are no special offers during the test.

Is this the full release of Spectator Mode?

No, Spectator Mode is still currently in development and will have updates in the upcoming Title Updates

Who can participate in the Spectator Mode Stress Test?

Everyone who owns For Honor on PS4, Xbox One and PC can participate in the Spectator Mode Stress Test for free.

Source: Reddit

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