Here’s 24 minutes of Halo: Reach PC gameplay in 4K

While Halo fans patiently wait for 343 Industries to finally get to say much of anything about Halo Infinite, and for Microsoft to unveil the Project Scarlett Xbox that it’s being created for, we’ve still got some great Halo to look forward to. The Halo: Reach remaster is nearly upon us, set to drop onto Xbox One and PC on 3rd December. Yeah, remember? The whole Halo: The Master Chief Collection is coming to Windows 10, and it’s starting with Halo: Reach.

We got to go hands on with the game at XO19, playing on PC with keyboard and mouse, running through the opening mission. We captured it. In 4K. At 60fps. 24 minutes of it. 2,852 frames of it. We could witter away about whether it looks good or not, or how it plays, but we’ll just show you.

Here’s Halo: Reach on PC:

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