Rust confirmed for PS4 and Xbox One

During XO19 last night the mulitplayer survival sim Rust was announced for Xbox One and the game has also been confirmed for PS4. Facepunch Studios first released Rust for Early Access on Steam in 2013 and it left the program in 2018. All that time PC players have been trying to survive the harsh realities of the island where everyone is out for themselves unless they work with a dedicated group.


Console players will be able to rent dedicated servers and configure the rules so their own worlds can be adapted. The game itself will run similar to the PC version with the only major change being the control inputs and the user interface changes.

Matt spent some time with Rust back in 2015 and had this to say:

There are just so many things to like about Rust. The world feels very alive with its attractive vistas, the full day/night cycle that even comes with weather patterns, and a variety of animals roaming about while either trying to escape or attack you. The way you meet other players feels so organic and intense, and you never know if they’re friendly and might even want to team up, or if they have every intention of sticking a knife in you when you turn away.

You can read his full impressions of Rust here. Rust is expected to be released in 2020 for consoles.

Source: PS Blog

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