Stardust Odyssey is going to be released in December for PSVR

Agharta Studio has confirmed it will be releasing the PSVR title Stardust Odyssey on December 3rd, allowing players to explore a fantasy universe. The story of the game is that there is a darkness in the Abyss that needs to be watched out for but players will be navigating around large merchant convoys searching for treasures.

Stardust Odyssey will be playable solo or in co-op mode with 14 levels to explore for the treasures and ethers to upgrade your spaceship. The levels will have bosses to fight which is why you’ll need to upgrade the ship as they are deemed to be tough. Alongside the bosses are traps that need to be watched out for.

Stardust Odyssey was announced earlier this year in a Sony State of Play.

Source: YouTube

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