Two Worlds II’s Shattered Embrace DLC will be released in December

Reality Pump Studios and TopWare Interactive have announced the continuation of Two Worlds II as the final single player expansion Shattered Embrace has had its release date confirmed. Those of you who have been waiting for the content will be able to get it from December 6th where it will be available to purchase alone but will also be part of the season pass.

You may want to play the previous DLC Call of Tenebrae first as the events of Shattered Embrace continue straight on from there. In Shattered Embrace the ancient Elves reappear on a remote island but the re-emergence brings evil with them which splits the alliances of the races of Antaloor. The setting of the DLC is the Elven Kingdom of Arveran. Players will be able to explore the capital Shadinar and the tropical island on which it sits.


Way back in 2011 when it first released this is what was written in the review by Stuart:

The game is filled to bursting with flaws and yet I found myself becoming curiously affectionate towards it. Yes the AI are baffilingly dim, gameplay is incredibly inconsistent, characters and plot are both clichéd and dull, graphics are nothing to write home about and the package as a whole does nothing to warrant your hard earned cash.

However, as you progress through the game, these deficiencies can become less pronounced and the initial annoyances turn to heart-warming foibles, the game is a genuinely enjoyable experience despite all of its many problems.

You can read the full Two Worlds II review here.

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