Logitech G Adaptive Gaming Kit makes accessible gaming a lot more affordable

Logitech have released the Adaptive Gaming Kit, a set of 12 buttons and analog triggers designed specifically to work with the Xbox Adaptive Controller that Microsoft released last year. It is now available to order for $99.

The development Xbox Adaptive Controller was a fantastic move by Microsoft to make video games more easily accessible for gamers with limited mobility. Not only did it raise awareness, but it brought the company’s hardware design chops to bear on the problems faced by these gamers and created a multi-purpose device that could tie together the ad hoc, custom solutions created elsewhere.

However, just because the XAC existed, that didn’t solve the major problem of excessive cost. Microsoft don’t create or price the additional buttons, but still sell a single big red button for £50 on their store. One single button that is more than the price of a full gamepad? That’s the problem that Logitech decided to solve in partnership with Microsoft and gaming charities.

The Adaptive Gaming Kit slashes the cost of extending the Xbox Adaptive Controller, and does so in a pretty comprehensive fashion. Included are three large round 2.5″ buttons, three small round 1.4″ buttons, four “light touch” buttons and two “variable” triggers. Alongside the XAC, that’s more than enough to cover all of the buttons found on an Xbox one controller. All of these can then be stuck to two Game Boards, arranged however is needed and secured in place, or given more custom mounting solutions depending on the player.

It’s all been a collaboration between Microsoft, Logitech, the Abilities Research Centre at Mount Sinai, and the Special Effect and AbleGamers charities. This one kit still might not cover all bases for all gamers with limited mobility, and this is still a relatively high price barrier for entry into the world of video games – you seem to only be able to buy the kit as a whole at this time, and not individually – but honestly, it’s a huge, huge step in the right direction, and Logitech promise it’s just the beginning.

Source: Logitech via Ars Technica

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  1. Excellent..! I don’t need this (as yet), but I’m happy for those that do, and each and every one of us could suddenly be in the situation to be glad there’s these options.

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