DualShock 5 controller for PS5 has appeared on Japanese patent website

In around a year’s time the PlayStation 5 will be sitting on shelves in shops or even in homes as the new generation dawns. While we don’t yet know what the PS5 will look like, though we know what the development kit looks like, a new patent for the DualShock 5 has appeared on the Japanese patent office website. While the design in the images may not be final, as the patent is more about the functionality of the hardware, it does appear that Sony won’t be drifting too far from the DualShock 4.

It looks the ports at the base of the controller have been redesigned and the touchpad is still there right in the middle. Or is it a touchscreen? That’s what some speculate. This isn’t the first patent to arrive for the PS5. In September Sony registered one for something called PlayStation Assist, an apparent virtual assistant that would be able to help to both navigate the system and give help within games. Last month a patent for what appears to be the next generation of PSVR hardware was also discovered. There are also reports there are two PS5 systems heading for release with those being the PS5 standard and the PS5 Pro.


We don’t yet know the exact date of when the PS5 will be released but it seems that March 2020 will be when all the details are revealed at a PlayStation Meeting. Not really that long left now.

Source: Japanese Patent Office via Forbes

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  1. I can’t see the DS5 being much different in shape from the DS4. Why change a winning formula.

    • My first thought is yeah, I totally agree, but then the DS4 was quite unusual looking compared to the original controller shape and it turned out to be a very unusual thing, a successful attempt at improvement on perfection that nobody asked for but everybody agreed was successful!

      I’d be happy with it being the same again but with the old analogue stick tops!

      • I think you’d be hard pressed to find someone calling the DualShock 3 perfection. Poor triggers and stubby grips would be the main complaints, I’m sure.

      • Ah well that’s a very good point, my trigger fingers have ached a lot less these past few years! I keep thinking if the DS2, now that was perfection… until the DS4, which genuinely is perfect.

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