Detroit: Become Human releases on PC next month

Quantic Dream has confirmed that its narrative experience Detroit: Become Human will be released on December 12th for PC and it’ll be an Epic Games Store exclusive for £29.99. On the same day a demo will be released to give players a taste of the game. The demo will be the opening scenario similar to the demo that was made available on PS4. The PC version will run up to 60fps and in 4K resolution with full keyboard and mouse support as well as gamepad support.


Detroit: Become Human was confirmed for PC back in March along with Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. In Detroit players take the roles of three androids and these are Kara, Connor, and Markus. All three have different situations to contend with and dilemmas to face as they navigate the attitudes of humanity towards them.  If you haven’t played Detroit: Become Human you can check out what Tuffcub thought of it when he played it for review.

Detroit: Become Human really is like sitting down and playing a TV box set. It’s a technical masterpiece on PS4 with movie quality sound, lighting and camera work, which is backed up by some top quality action and a wonderfully evocative score. Detroit really worked for me; I was gripped by the story and connected with the characters, but I think some players may have a hard time relating to Kara, Markus, and Connor. That’s to be expected. After all, we’re only human.

You can read the Detroit: Become Human review here.

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