Rebellion Unplugged announce Sniper Elite the Board Game

Sniper Elite developer Rebellion are jumping on the board game bandwagon with a new tabletop gaming division, Rebellion Unplugged. And what better way to bring this into the world than by leaning on the company’s premier gaming property to create Sniper Elite the Board Game?

Rebellion Unplugged is being headed up by Duncan Molloy, who was previously the Founder and Creative Lead of the board game line at Osprey Games. Sniper Elite is just the first announcement, with several more board games in the works. There will also be other collectibles based on the company’s various IPs. It could be an Evil Genius board game, some Zombie Army, or the futuristic neon warfare of Battlezone.


An early version of Sniper Elite the Board Game will be playable at PAX Unplugged in December, with the plan being to take the game to Kickstarter in early 2020.

That might sound wonky from a video game perspective, but crowdfunding is a prominent source of income for board game creators big and small. Equivalent to pre-ordering it allows the publisher to scope out initial interest and produce the right amount of units for a first run. There’s nothing worse for a bank balance than to be left with a lot of inventory left over… or not have enough to sell in the first place!

Nothing screams high-stakes stealth and sniping action quite like board games, or at least that’s what Rebellion would like you to think. Of course, I’m sure plenty of Sniper Elite fans will be more likely to stick to the video games, and 2020 is a big year for the franchise. For one thing, Rebellion will be revealing the next main entry in the series – let’s call it Sniper Elite 5? – but there’s also Sniper Elite VR to look forward to.

Getting to go hands on with Sniper Elite VR earlier this year, Miguel said, “I spent about 15 minutes blasting enemies with my rifle, activating slow-mo kills, and racking combos. The same satisfying action of Sniper Elite transfers perfectly to VR, and at the end of my demo I was left with zero motion sickness and plenty of happy memories.”

I’m sure Rebellion are hoping to have the same effect with the board game.

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