SoulCalibur VI Season 2 starts next week – version 2.00 patch notes revealed

Bandai Namco have announced the start of SoulCalibur VI Season 2 next week, with a major update dropping on 25th November. It bring new moves, combos and rebalances the game alongside DLC Season Pass 2, starting with the return of Hilde to the roster on the 26th.


Sword-y fighting game SoulCalibur VI launched just over a year ago for PS4, Xbox One and PC, reviving the dormant sword-y fighting game series with a few tweaks and changes to its popular formula. Version 2.00 is a big overhaul of the game’s balance, introducing new moves for all characters, adding new combos and ways to overcome sticky situations.

Two new battle mechanics are also coming:

  • The Soul Attack, a strengthened strike that can turn the tide of a battle.
  • The Resist Impact, the ultimate defense move capable of repelling any attack including the currently unblockable ones.

Alongside adding support for Season Pass 2, Hilde and Creation Parts Set C, all of which drop on 26th November, Version 2.00’s patch notes look a little like this:

SoulCalibur VI Version 2.00 Patch Notes

Additional Creation Items (PS4/Xbox One/STEAM)

The following Creation Items will be available for everyone after installing this update.

  • Crown Princess Helm
  • Crown Princess Helm (Visor Up)
  • Crown Princess Armor
  • Crown Princess Attire
  • Crown Princess Footwear

Additional Stages (PS4/Xbox One/STEAM)

The following stages will be available for everyone after installing this update.

  • Silver Wolves’ Haven
  • Grand Labyrinth – Sealed Corridor

* Grand Labyrinth – Sealed Corridor is available only in TRAINING mode.

Battle Adjustments (PS4/Xbox One/STEAM)

  • Brand new moves will be added to each character.
  • New Battle System “Soul Attack” will be added to the game.
  • New Battle System “Resist Impact” will be added to the game.
  • With this update, Reversal Edge will not shift to Reversal Edge clash when opponent guards the attack.
  • With this update, a character will receive slight damage even when a grapple break is successful (a character will not get knocked out by this damage).
  • We will also make some modifications on gameplay and balance adjustments.
  • We will add an explanation regarding the new battle system to Tutorial Battle in MISSION: Libra of Soul. (Players can learn about the battle systems in “Drona’s Dojo” in MISSION:Libra of Soul.)
  • We will add an explanation regarding the new battle system to Combat Lessons in MUSEUM.
  • Due to the addition of new moves and the balance adjustment, we will update the content of Fighting Style Lessons in MUSEUM.

* For details, please check here.

NETWORK Adjustments (PS4/Xbox One/STEAM)

  • In RANKED MATCH, we will make a player’s rank move up and down more frequently by adjusting the amount of points that increase/decrease.

This update is intended to make the rank reflect the players’ skill rather than the number of times they have played.

  • In RANKED MATCH, players will be given names according to their ranks.
  • Accordingly, the plate design will be renewed to match the names of each rank.
  • In RANKED MATCH, we will inform the player before a match that will affect the player’s ranks.
  • In RANKED MATCH, we will inform the player after a match when the player’s rank changes.
  • “Search” will be optimized in RANKED MATCH.
  • In CASUAL MATCH, we will add text chat to allow players to communicate freely.
  • In CASUAL MATCH, we will add new fixed phrases.
  • Requirements for uploading replays in the Latest Replays will be changed.

Additional Functions (PS4/Xbox One/STEAM)

  • We will renew certain UI such as Select Character, Select Stage and Health Gauge.
  • In TRAINING, we will add functions that accommodate the addition of new battle systems.
  • In OPTION, 1 action can now be allocated to 2 different buttons.

Additional Functions for PS4 (PS4)

  • We will add “PS4™ Tournaments” to NETWORK.

*It is a new mode that supports tournaments sponsored by ESL.

Game System Adjustments (PS4/Xbox One/STEAM)

  • We will fix an issue where the wrong character’s voice gets played during battles.
  • Some text will be revised.
  • We will also make changes that accompany various changes in Season 2 and make improvement of the stability of several movements.


  • We will fix an issue where the facial expressions of some characters becomes different from the expected expression when those characters wear “Great Helm” or “Tracksuit Pants”.
  • There is an issue where when “War Maiden’s Costume” is worn together with “YoRHa Unit Number Two Standard Armor (COLOR2)” or “YoRHa Unit Number Two Skirtless (COLOR2)”, the parts sink very deep into the body of the character wearing them. We will fix this issue by disallowing to wear these parts together.

It will be the same setting as the (COLOR1) version.

  • We will fix an issue where some arm parts would not be displayed properly when they are worn together with “Purge Half-Armor”.
  • With this update, “Rubber Mask” and “Destruction Mask” will not be able to be worn together.

This change will not affect the variations of character appearance a player can create, as they are combinations that, when worn together, would not be displayed.

Source: Bandai Namco

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