Divinity: Original Sin – The Board Game fully crowdfunded within 4 hours

One of the most critically acclaimed game series of the last half decade, Divinity: Original Sin is being ripped out of the digital world and slapped on a tabletop, with Larian announcing and crowdfunding Divinity: Original Sin – The Board Game.


Having been announced, the Kickstarter was almost immediately funded, taking just four hours to pass the point of no return, and having already added four of the stretch goals.

The project is interesting in that it’s not an RPG with a dungeon master leading the way. Instead you follow and decide how to process in a cooperative narrative adventure, working your way through a story book. You’ll have all the kinds of choice and consequences found in the video games, explore locations, battle enemies and bosses together, and so on.

Additionally, it will feed back into the Divinity: Original Sin universe through an intriguing Chronicle system that lets you send your stories back to Larian.

That Chronicle system is an innovation from Larian’s partner on the project, Lynnvander Studios. They’ve worked on plenty of other board games for such properties and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Reanimator, Cowboy Bebop, Dragon Ball Z, and are working on plenty more besides.

Divinity: Original Sin – The Board Game will set you back $120 to Kickstart it, with more expensive versions adding more bosses, an extra story book, extra dice, more characters, and so on. It is expected to release in October 2020, but we all know how Kickstarters can go.

In the meantime, Divinity: Original Sin 2 is still one of the very best video games out there. The original PC release has a whopping 93 rating on Metacritic, making it one of the best games of all time, but that was before Larian Studios returned to craft the Definitive Edition of the game, making sweeping changes as they brought it to consoles last year.

Reviewing it on PlayStation 4, Steve said, “Divinity Original Sin II: Definitive Edition is almost certainly the finest RPG experience on the current generation of consoles. […] For genre fans or those prepared to work through the complexity of the game’s opening, this is one of the best games you could hope to play. Not since the heady teenage days (and late nights) I spent playing Baldur’s Gate back in the mid 90s has an RPG world so captivated me.

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