Alien: Isolation is coming to Nintendo Switch in December

Go and find your brown trousers, because Alien: Isolation is coming out on Nintendo Switch on 5th December, letting you play the terrifying game on the sofa, in bed, on the bog, on the train, on a plane, on a bus, where everyone can see you’re a total wuss.


Announced back at E3, the game’s port has been handled by Feral Interactive. It stars Amanda Ripley, Ellen Ripley’s daughter, who is determined to find her mother and has headed off to the space station Sevastopol to do so.

The Switch edition of Alien: Isolation will include all the DLC that was originally released including the maps for Survivor Mode and the story content Last Survivor, which stars Ellen Ripley herself. Alien: Isolation was released back in 2014 for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, and was met with a lot of critical acclaim. In our review of the game Peter wrote:

That idea of never being comfortable with how the game is unravelling is something that feels quite unique and it’s extremely well imagined here. Plenty of survival horror games have you feeling vulnerable as you essentially fulfil the role of a hero but things are different here. In Alien: Isolation you’re not the hero, you’re the prey.

You can read the full Alien: Isolation review here.

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  1. Best game ever. Probably not on the Switch, though, and playing this on the go is not a clever thing to do in my opinion. But still, it’s a good thing more people have a chance to play this masterpiece, especially this anniversary year.

    • I got it ages ago on PS4 but struggled with a) trying to play it like an action game which it’s clearly not designed to be and b) the fear it induces. Maybe I should give it another bash. Is there a physical version coming for switch? Think playing in bed at night with headphones would be pretty good.

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