Code Vein season pass content will release in 2020, free update in December

Bandai Namco has confirmed that the Code Vein season pass content will be released from early 2020 with three separate packs. These three packs will all contain new story content, bosses to fight, and customization gear to deck out your vampiric fighter. While it may be a bit of time before the season pass content comes out it doesn’t mean Code Vein players will have to without. In December there will be a free update that will add photo mode, a height option, and more customization options.


In our review of Code Vein Miguel wrote:

Code Vein is addictive, yet frustrating. It’s promising, yet unpolished. There are a lot of interesting ideas here that come together to craft a unique and engaging experience. I just wish that the flaws here weren’t so glaring, because they keep Code Vein from being a great game instead of just a good one.

You can read our full Code Vein review here.

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