The next Elite Dangerous update will address game breaking bugs and stability issues

A public beta for the next patch to hit Elite Dangerous will begin on Wednesday 27th November and run until 2nd December for those playing on PC, “We are also investigating the ability to extend future betas to console players as well, and will announce any developments about this when we have more information,” say Frontier.

More details on the patch can be found below.

What we’re addressing in the January Update (and the beta)
We wanted to highlight some of the top voted issues from the Issue Tracker, and what we plan on doing with them moving forward.

Alongside our own internal tests, we’ll need the help of you, our community beta participants, to help us identify if the fixes we’re introducing work as intended in a live, multiplayer environment.

Repairing Thargoid-attacked stations: not all delivery numbers counted

  • We will implement a fix that will correctly account for all deliveries for starports that have been attacked by Thargoids.

High resolution screenshots create tiling artifacts in bright objects

  • We will implement a fix that should prevent tiling artifacts in bright objects when taking a high-resolution screenshot.

Galaxy Map won’t select systems I search for

  • We will implement a fix that should allow you to select a searched system on the Galaxy Map.

Keyboard stops working within game

  • We will implement a fix for this issue to ensure keyboards work in-game as intended.

SLF female npc crew member has no audio and no text in the comms

  • We will implement a fix for this issue.

We wanted to bring your attention to the following issues, as these will need additional information and testing in the beta to ensure the fixes are working as intended:

FSS: Long delay when scanning planets with geological sites

  • As it currently stands, in order for the geological/biological sites to be placed on the surface, the entire stellar body must be fully generated (we then know the topography and can place sites where they will be accessible). This can take tens of seconds.
  • As part of the January Update, we aim to address this with an alternative process. We have run tests on thousands of in-game planetary bodies and by using this data, we’re able to extrapolate the likelihood of geological/biologic sites being present on similar stellar bodies. We then use this data and indicate if the planet is ‘Unlikely’, ‘Likely’, or ‘Very Likely’ to have a geological/biological sites.
  • It is not 100% guaranteed that there will be a geological/biological site on the planetary body, but does give commanders a much faster indication of probability. This will enable commanders to quickly ascertain if the planet’s worth a visit.
  • As this is an alternative way to display information, we would love to hear your feedback on it to determine whether or not it is better than the current process.
  • Please note: this will not affect Thargoid or Guardian sites, which will show up instantaneously.

Conflict Zones have no contents

  • We have identified that the LUA script responsible for populating Conflict Zones can stop running at times, which causes this kind of issue. We will implement a fix, but we’ll need your feedback on whether or not the issue persists.

The Invincible Heart

  • The team have been investigating this issue for some time, however, it has proven difficult to reliably reproduce in-house. As part of the beta, we’ll be adding additional logging information and will need our community beta testers to try to reproduce the issue so we can collect more data to help us resolve it.

Instance splitting when fighting Thargoid Interceptor

  • We’ll be introducing a fix for this, but as it is a network-related issue, we’ll need this to be extensively tested in the beta.

Thargoid Interceptor – Heart cycle reset

  • We will implement a fix to ensure that the Thargoid Interceptor’s combat state does not reset. As with the issue above, we’ll also require commanders to identify if this is still occurring in the beta.

Exiting the Game just hangs, need to force terminate

  • We will need additional feedback in checking if this issue is still occurring in the beta.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of all of the fixes coming in the January Update and more will be detailed in the beta patch notes, released next week.

Source: Frontier

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