PS5 version of Final Fantasy XIV is being considered

With the PlayStation 5 due to launch in less than twelve months, many are starting to question how big online games will be making the jump to Sony’s next gen platform.

One such game is Final Fantasy XIV, Square’s mega popular MMORPG that currently operates on both PlayStation 4 and PC. During a recent XIV fan gathering held in London, the game’s beloved producer, Naoki Yoshida, was reported to have said that his team currently has a PS5 version in the works, according to a fan Twitter account.

Seeking an official comment from Square Enix, Polygon reached out and got the following PR response that said “while not a confirmation, Yoshida-san expressed a hope that Final Fantasy XIV Online may one day appear on the next generation of Sony console.”

With Final Fantasy XIV having just launched its latest major expansion, Shadowbringers, the game enjoys a growing vibrant community and is seen by many as the number two MMO among western fans of the genre, just below World of Warcraft.

Jumping to PlayStation 5 seems like a logical step forward for the Final Fantasy MMO. It wasn’t long after the launch of Sony’s PlayStation 4 that it made a jump to Sony’s current platform, the PS3 version having closed its doors in 2017.

It won’t be as simple as flipping a switch, however. Square would need to establish new servers while making sure a newer console port of the game connects with both PS4 and PC via cross-play. There will also need to be migration methods available to those who want that next-gen upgrade.

Then again, there’s still much we don’t know about the PS5 and how it will handle backwards compatibility. If it can run the same PS4 client with some extra bells and whistles on top, that seems like a more painless route for Square to pursue.

Either way, the publisher will want to make sure its flagship MMO is available to as many people as possible.

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