Battlefield V update 5.2 – DICE responds after community raise concerns

Following the recent release of Battlefield V’s superb War in the Pacific free expansion, developer EA DICE has promised a new title update in December with some big changes on the way.

Battlefield V update 5.2 was announced last week and is just around the corner, one of its headline features being the return of Wake Island – a longtime fan favourite.

However, other changes outlined in the recent DICE community broadcast has led to concerns among Battlefield V players. With a new round of weapon balances going live in 5.2, guns across the board will require more bullets to kill an enemy, especially at longer rangers. Naturally, this led many to assume the online shooters time-to-kill (or TTK) was being heavily modified.

DICE has now issued a response, stating that the upcoming changes will make weapons behave as they were originally designed, reducing the long range effectiveness of certain gun classes:

We have not set out to change the time to kill in Battlefield. We are honest when we state that we’re focused on balancing how each and every weapon across a range of classes and weapon types behave at different ranges. We acknowledge completely that at extreme ranges, weapons being used outside of our intended design will be less effective, but we’re not invested in changing the lethality of Battlefield V nor punishing skilled players who are consistent in landing their shots or the players who push for that critical headshot. Changing the base time to kill is not our goal, and these changes are far broader and more advanced than the blanket damage reduction that we briefly implemented late last year. It comes as a result of very carefully planned changes that encourage a better entry point for players wanting to commit to Battlefield, whilst sustaining skill cannon weapons that reward committed players.

Another notable change in 5.2 will improve enemy identification with icons appearing to display opponents within a 15m radius or at 28m if you’re aiming directly at them. Those who play Battlefield V regularly will know just how significant this change is and while it has angered some, DICE hopes the new feature will solve the recurring issue of enemy players hiding in plain sight.

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