Final Fantasy VII Remake screens feature Chocobos, combat, and darts

Square Enix has released a number of new screenshots for Final Fantasy VII Remake showing a variety of different scenes from a mellow table to full-on combat. The focus includes character models, weapon abilities screens, character abilities, assessing materia, combat on motorbikes and standard styles, the world itself, and darts at Seventh Heaven.

Check out all of the shots in the gallery.


Miguel got some hands-on time with Final Fantasy VII Remake a little while back and this is what he had to say:

It’s still hard to believe, but this game really is coming. Whether we get one disc or three, the content is bound to be worthwhile if this brief demo was any indication. The decision to shift form turn-based action to something more real time will remain contentious for devout fans, but it’s inventive and rewarding. Square observed the flaws of their action combat from Final Fantasy XV, and improved on every part of it. Having gone hands on, I now can’t wait for even more.

You can read about his full hands-on experience here. If you’re curious about Final Fantasy VII’s cover art you can check it out here, where Cloud is handling his very big sword. During the Tokyo Game Show there was a 46 minute special presentation dedicated to Final Fantasy VII Remake showing an in depth look at the game including combat featuring Cloud, Barrett, Aerith, and Tifa as well as some of the other parts of the world. You can watch that presentation in full here.

Final Fantasy VII Remake’s release date has been confirmed as March 3rd 2020.

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