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Ghost Recon Breakpoint survey results shows majority of players want AI teammates

Ubisoft sent out a survey to Ghost Recon Breakpoint players a little while back to determine what the developers should work on to optimise the experience of the game, which was rather lackluster at launch. The survey was sent out two weeks ago and after a little while of being open Ubisoft has taken on board what people have said and stated the following results are what arose in the feedback.

  • Over 50% of players want AI teammates
  • Over 35% want the removal of gear score, tiered loot, enemy AI improvement, and being able to see all weapons available in the game
  • Over 30% wanted the removal of online requirements
  • Over 70% of players wanted more story content
  • 60% of players want new weapons
  • Over 50% want more character and gunsmith customization
  • 25% wanted better vehicle handling, improved in-game economy, and an adjustment of survival elements.
  • 15% of players wanted other players removed from the Erewhon camp, allow sprinting in the camp, better respawn, new vehicles, and new PvP content and better camera.
  • 40% wanted new enemy types
  • Over 30% wanted a better GPS and new skills
  • 20% wanted a compass on the HUD

Ubisoft has stated that the majority of these changes are in development already, and it is investigating other areas that have been highlighted. These investigations include:

  • Our team is looking into possible adjustments that could be made to the menus to create a smoother experience.
  • We are investigating the possibility of implementing sprinting in Erewhon
  • We are investigating the possibility of changes to the Gunsmith with the systems we currently have in place.
  • We are investigating the possibility of integrating a new system to make the navigation easier.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint has had some changes since it was released but at the time the game wasn’t as great as it could have been. In the review I wrote:

Ghost Recon Breakpoint should be the breaking point for Ubisoft’s open world design by committee. There’s an entertaining experience buried somewhere under the bloat and I had some fun at times in the game – I love infiltrating bases, but everything surrounding that is a pain. Maybe, just maybe, not every game needs to be open world? Maybe not every game needs a gear score? Sometimes simplicity is key.

You can read the Ghost Recon Breakpoint review here.

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