Super Mario Maker 2 update version 2.0 adds Legend of Zelda content

Nintendo has announced a new update will be released of Super Mario Maker 2 on December 5th, with version 2.0 adding Legend of Zelda content. That’s right, Link will be a playable character and he’ll be equipped with shield and Master Sword as well as his bow. Additional new content includes Spike who throws spiky balls. There’s also Pokey the spiky cactus which can fly in night mode. Frozen coins also arrive and these can only be acquired if you hit the box with fire. There are also unbreakable P blocks that will appear temporarily and nothing can break them, perfect for letting enemies crash into them. The dash block is what you would expect, acting as a conveyor that lets you speed up.


Along with the content, there is also the new Ninji speedrun mode. Nintendo will create courses specifically designed to run through as fast as possible while being accompanied by the ghosts of other players that have run the course. Those who dominate the speedruns will unlock exclusive cosmetic content for their Miis, and be showcased on the mode menu.

In our review of Super Mario Maker 2 Stefan wrote:

Super Mario Maker 2 is all that the original was and more. The Story Mode feels like a proper campaign, demoing all of the old and new feature and barmy possibilities found in the intuitive level creator. It’s a shame that it features some typical Nintendo online stumbles, but it shouldn’t be long before that’s forgotten in the face of the boundless creativity of the Super Mario Maker community.

You can read the full Super Mario Maker 2 review here.

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