Destiny 2’s Season of Dawn Trailer reveals a new game mode and time travel

Bungie have dropped a trailer for the forthcoming Season of the Dawn, the contents of which will be fully unveiled later today in a livestream. The stream will begin at 6pm GMT on Wednesday December 4th and you will be able to watch it on Bungie’s Twitch channel, YouTube or Mixer.

In the meantime, check out the new trailer which unfortunately heads to one of the worst areas of Destiny 2, Mercury. Osiris is back to explain the the defeat of the Vex during the Season of the Undying has had a knock on effect. The Red Legion can now manipulate time and are trying to re-write history so they win the Red War.


We also get introduced to a new(ish) character, Osiris’ protégé Saint-14, “the greatest Titan who ever lived”. Frankly that is absurd as I am the greatest Titan who ever lived and I will be having words with this impostor. We also get to see a couple of new exotic weapons and, in a blink and you’ll miss it section, you can now drive Sparrows on Mercury! Huzzah!

The new PVE mode is called The Sundial and will grant players Timeslot weapons, there is new armour, and Rusted Lands is a new map for PvP Elimination. Replacing the Gate Lord’s Eye is a new artefact,  the Lantern of Osiris, which seems to focus on solar subclasses.

This will mark the first time a Destiny 2 season has been sold and not included in a season pass, Shadowkeep included The Season of Undying but players will have to purchase The Season of Dawn separately for $10 or local equivalent.

The Season of Dawn will conclude with Ikora Ray finishing the Vex portal in the Tower which will remove the Vex Offensive game mode from Destiny 2. It was fun the first few times but wasn’t particularly challenging.

Source: YouTube

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